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Today we found out dash, our mini rex is actually a boy..😶 oops! #minirex #rabbit #blackrabbit #baby #bunny #dash #gender #bunnies #bun

What a cutie!  I love the head fluff.  I think his color is called black otter - light underneath, around the eyes, in years, yes?
He’s not a mini rex, though, or any kind of rex.  Lacks the characteristic rex fur, you see.  I’d guess some kind of lionhead mix, based on the aforementioned adorable head fluff.

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Ive sent this message a few times but it must have gotten lost. Is it ok to scruff a rabbit like a cat? I've seen judges do it at shows.
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The House Rabbit Society is not necessarily a great source of Actual Facts, as they are very much “All pets all the time, no other use of animals (or at least rabbits) at all, nope, and our way is the only possible way all else is abuse”.  This article contains sciencey talk that makes no sense, plus “I assume that…”, “You wouldn’t do it to a dog!”, and generally not enough info about the actual issue.

That said, even they say, in a footnote, that it’s ok to hold a rabbit that way to get control of it, provided you support its back end, and that’s the actual answer.  Over time, a pet rabbit can be trained to be easier to handle and thus be picked up bodily, but if you need to (skittish rabbit needs medical care, or to move housing, etc.) it’s ok to grab the scruff to get a hold of it.  Then, as quickly as you can, get your other hand under its body or back feet to support its weight, and hold it close so it can’t jump out and injure itself.

Holding a rabbit up by only its neck/shoulder skin puts a lot of weight on parts that aren’t really designed to take it.  Plus, in such a loose hold, a rabbit that’s not down with this treatment can kick and struggle so hard it damages its spine.  But it’s probably the best “handle” on a rabbit - other options being, I guess, ears and legs, so no, don’t use those - to get control when bunny doesn’t want to cooperate.


and when your tears have drowned you…


"classic who is too cheesy" well there’s a nuwho episode where some talking rhinos steal a hospital and put it on the moon so they can arrest an old lady vampire because she killed an alien princess by drinking her blood through a bendy straw but if giant maggots are just too much for you 

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To whoever stole the hazelnut bush and grape vine out of the front of the garden:

May they serve you bitter wine. May the fruit turn to ashes in your mouth. May they attract all manner of vermin to your yard and then, when your hopes are highest, may they wither and die.

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birds are so ridiculous how do they even all exist???




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This little cutie looks like she’s about to fuck some shit up. 


This little cutie looks like she’s about to fuck some shit up.